mrsFAST is designed to map short reads to reference genome assemblies; in a fast and memory-efficient manner. mrsFAST is a cache-oblivous short read mapper that optimizes cache usage to get higher performance.
Currently Supported Features: Legacy Bisulfite Mapping Mode (see version This is a legacy version and is not being supported at the moment. We are aware of a small bug in paired-end mode of mrsFAST- that causes mrsFAST to lose some of its mapping locations(<2%). This legacy version is not cache oblivious.

Download from Git Repository

git clone git:// mrsfast


2014-10-30: mrsFAST-Ultra version 3.3.5
2014-09-23: mrsFAST-Ultra version 3.3.4
2014-09-12: mrsFAST-Ultra version 3.3.3
2014-08-06: mrsFAST-Ultra version 3.3.2

2014-03-31: mrsFAST-Ultra version 3.3.1

2014-01-14: mrsFAST-Ultra version 3.3.0 and Graphical User Interface relase
2013-09-13: mrsFAST-Ultra version 3.2.0 relase
2013-07-23: mrsFAST version relase
2013-06-07: mrsFAST-Ultra version 3.1.0-beta relase 2013-01-16: mrsFAST-Ultra version 3.0.0-beta release 2012-11-16: mrsFAST version release
2012-08-18: mrsFAST version release
2010-05-03: mrsFAST version release

2010-02-08: mrsFAST version release
2009-12-08: mrsFAST version release
2009-09-11: mrsFAST version release:
2009-07-31: mrsFAST version release:
2009-06-17: mrsFAST version release:
<li> Performance improvement.

2009-06-04: mrsFAST version release:
2009-06-01: mrsFAST version release:
2009-04-15: mrsFAST version 0.5.1 release:
2009-04-13: mrsFAST version 0.5 release:
2009-04-06: mrsFAST version 0.4 release:
2009-03-31: mrsFAST version 0.2.1 release:
2009-03-30: mrsFAST version 0.2 release:
2009-03-25: mrsFAST version 0.1 release:
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